Sage Pastel Evolution is a smart solution which brings all aspects of business together. Microsoft SQL database, all modules are fully integrated, feature rich modules and add-on modules.

  • All in-one solution
  • Upgrade your software to Sage Evolution with ease
  • Cost effective, robust ERP for small & medium business
  • Additional modules for all your requirements.


Flexible two editions available to choose.

Number of users 5 users 1-1000+
Number of companies Unlimited Unlimited
Segmented GL Not available available
Segmented inventory Not available available
Alert manager Not available available
Sub projects Not available available
Job costing Not available available
Manufacturing Not available available
Mobile Not available available
Lot tracking Not available available
Retail POS Not available available
Customer account consolidation Not available available
Annuity Billing Not available available
Branch accounting Not available available
Procurement Not available available
Delivery Management Not available available


  • New version 7
  • Advanced security
  • Integrated with Microsoft
  • E business for web store
  • Mobile Apps
  • Built in CRM & Point of Sale
  • Branch accounting for off-line locations.


System Manager:
It is the control Centre for the application.

General Ledger:
Multi-dimensional up to 10 segments.

Cash Book:
Cash & Bank management

Accounts Receivables:
Multiple Debtor control account & drill down.

Accounts Payable:
Multiple Creditor control account & drill down.

Inventory control:
Inventory groups & discounts

Import cost allocation/Landed cost allocation:
Process additional cost at the same time with GRV

Invoice to the customers & print invoice.

Sales & Purchase order:
It allows you to Create Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice and Purchase order, Supplier Bills, picking slips, delivery notes and sales rep.

Project Tracking:
Allocate income and expense transaction to project.

Unit of measure:
Specify the buying and selling unit of inventory.

Good received voucher:
Updating your stock level on receipt

Alert management:
Notification based on different criteria’s

Advanced security:
User group level and user level menu based access control

Microsoft office integration:
Seamless integration with Email, word or excel.

Presentation in the form of graphs

System Audit Manager:
Audit logs

Tax module:
Applicable tax for any regions.


Annuity Billing:
Repetitive or recurring invoice on a regular interval from both AR & AP

Lot tracking:
Control your stock using batch number and expiry date.

Bank Statement Manager:
Download your bank statement and import for large volume of transactions.

Bill of Materials:
Allows you to create assembly sheets for manufacturing & assembling.

Sage Evolution Mobile:
Mobile application allows you to see the real time inventory levels and quote.

Branch accounting:
Synchronize your off-line branches at multiple locations.

Multi- currency:
Use preferred currency to process customer & supplier transaction.

Business gateway:
Allows you to access CRM onto the internet.

Business Intelligence center:
Your Sage evolution data will dynamically link with Microsoft excel and produce reports.

Municipal Billing:
Improve revenue collection & update the billing data.

Debtors Manager:
Helps you to improve your debt collection process.

Customer account Consolidation:
Consolidate your group customer accounts at head office level and present a merged statement.

Point of Sale:
Integrate to inventory, Tills, printers, scanners.

Customer Credit risk management:
Generate credit application, Score the customer credit worthiness, and manage customer credit risk.

Pricing matrix:
Per customer, per stock item, volume based or time based pricing feature.

Delivery Management:
Manage partial, full delivery, cancel delivery and print or re-print delivery notes.

Purchase order and approvals

E-Business & E-billing:
Setup an online web store, give access to your customer, fully integrated to accounts.

Advanced Procurement:
Tender, requisition, quote comparison, and purchase process.

Fixed Assets:
Manage unlimited number of fixed assets, depreciation, capex budgets and orders etc.

Retail Point of Sale:
Sage Evolution POS is a fully integrated retail point of sale for front office & back office.

Sage Evolution CRM Premium:
Track all incidents in the organization, manage leads & opportunities.

Job Costing:
Invoice job to customers with inventory, time, other expenses and link to a project.

Serial Number Tracking:
Track individual inventory items with serial number for tracking warranty.

Voucher Management:
Manage, print, authorize payment and receipt vouchers.

Service Manager:
Service assets, schedule technician task, invoicing to client.