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Sage 300 People is an integrated multinational HR & payroll system to increase productivity, drive growth and empower your employees.

This powerful, highly customizable solution takes care of HR and payroll, giving you more time to take care of your business. Being a multinational system, Sage 300 People can easily handle the payroll management in UAE and other GCC countries. Sage 300 People is one of the widely used HR and payroll system in Dubai and other emirates of UAE.

Using the intellectual capital gathered over more than 30 years as leaders in the HR and payroll industry, Sage 300 People has been developed specifically for larger, mid-market and enterprise-size businesses.

Sage 300 People lets you break free from legacy systems with a solution that offers more detailed and complex functionalities than those previously systems without the huge cost of custom-built systems.

With self-service capabilities and dashboard tools, Sage 300 People makes business insights accessible to all your employees.


  • Payroll
  • Job Costing
  • General Ledger
  • Localaised for other countries(multi legislation)
  • InfoSlips
  • Budgeting
  • Employee Management
  • Leave
  • Employee Equity
  • Skills & Learning Development
  • Job & Position Management
  • Performance Management
  • Job Requisition
  • Medical Claims
  • TimeFlow
  • One module for both employee self-service & management self service
  • Security
  • Reporting
  • Scheduler
  • Notifications

Why Sage 300 People?

  • Powerful, Flexible & rapidly scalable
  • Compliance with local statutory requirements in all countries where we operate
  • Cost effective–quick ROI
  • Runs on SQL
  • Able to integrate to other platforms
  • Simplifies reporting and control Adapts to need for customizations
  • Can up-skill own staff to provide 1st line of support
  • Role-based security
  • One employee record for life
  • Unlimited history

Sage 300 People offers you an agile, cost-effective, innovative solution with world-class capabilities, including:

Security, stability and improved processes

Sage 300 People not only gives you airtight security and rock-solid stability, it provides you with impressive improvements in processing through constant innovation.

Online real-time design

Online, real-time design makes your processing easy to monitor, cutting down on errors and reducing risk. And its combination with a period-driven system is unprecedented in the industry, giving you truly state of-the-art technology.

Smart design means fast, efficient implementation

The pioneering design ensures complete implementation in a fraction of the time it takes to install other systems of this caliber

Universal calculation engine

You can use this in any design area - from calculating medical aid deductions and printing detailed reports to generating complex job-costing calculations. This functionality is just one example of Sage 300 People’s ability to give you cohesive, comprehensive and configurable solutions that break legacy configurations.

Improve productivity through integration

Prevent the waste of resources that results from disparate or poorly integrated systems; reduce costs and improve productivity through a solution that provides all the tools you need to drive HR and payroll in one integrated, state-of-the-art system.

Empower your employees

Retain and motivate your employees by giving them the power to work to their full potential through access to the information they need to make decisions and to help you grow your business

Stay in control

Steer your business successfully through growth phases with an HR and payroll system that grows with you, giving you the agility combined with the stability and security you need to manage resources and costs efficiently and meet all compliance requirements.


The reporting tool in Sage 300 People is very powerful and gives us the functionality to amend existing reports by filtering, sorting and grouping fields. The ability to easily export a report to Excel or to attach a report to an email is a massive advantage.


  • Can configure companies, hierarchical levels, employees, pay period configurations, and pay runs make the system boundless.
  • Create unlimited Earning, Deduction, Company Contribution, Benefit or Provision definitions.
  • Receive all the latest statutory updates regularly to ensure you’re always fully compliant.
  • Do net-up calculations of salaries and wages and net-pay splits between bank accounts.
  • Full history of every period is stored separately and can be recalled at any time.
  • Draw reports for a single company or consolidated reports for multiple companies.
  • Every action is recorded for detailed audit reports.
  • Multiple payslips per pay period which can be consolidated into a single printable payslip.
  • Automatic pro-rata calculations of earnings and deductions by engagement or termination dates.
  • A minimum net pay feature which allows a minimum expected salary to be paid. Once the specified value is reached, rules will prevent net pay dropping below that value.
  • Allows you to create records for a single person.
  • Use built-in checklists to create new employees and terminate existing ones.
  • Move employees between companies, company rules or policies easily with the employee transfer wizard, and much more.
  • Lets you attach employee and company documents (such as Microsoft Word documents, scanned files, Microsoft Excel files) to any record in the system. This ensures that you have easy access to complete electronic records for each employee.
  • All uploaded documents are stored within the database, so they’re secured and backed up with all other company and employee information
  • Sage 300 People uses best-practice security to give maximum security and control.
  • Role-based security allows you to define reusable sets of security configurations which you can assign to multiple users. This gives you tight control of who can view specific data or perform specific actions.
  • You can define security on navigation (screens), zones and company rules up to field level and apply password policies or integrate them with Microsoft Active Directory to enable single login capabilities.
  • The full history of every login attempt is recorded, showing reasons for login failures and password changes. The system gives you a full audit trail of all changes and activities.
  • Create companies per database.
  • Define multiple payment cycles per company e.g. daily, weekly, monthly. You can use any combination of these cycles within in a single company.
  • Create default payslip structures containing the payroll definitions that apply to an individual or group of employees who share similar payslip setups.
  • Customize the leave function to meet your company policies.
  • Monitor the sick leave rule automatically.
  • Monitor staff absenteeism like always being absent on Mondays or Fridays.
  • Give line managers access to leave management reports via Self Service.
  • The Batch wizard lets you import and export large amounts of data directly to and from MS Excel and quickly create forms for regular use, e.g. overtime hours or bonus values.
  • Style, print and export reports for distribution.
  • Group information, re-order or drag columns to form limitless table and chart layouts.
  • Amend, tweak or simplify existing reports. Export reports to Microsoft Excel or attach them to emails.
  • The Sage 300 People modules are process-driven and follow a systematic HR approach throughout.
  • The traditional employee file can be replaced with an easy-to-use, always available electronic file to which you can attach documents.
  • Your employees, managers and users have access to real time information from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • You have a strong reporting interface that can email copies directly from the application and/or export to various formats, e.g. PDF or Microsoft Excel.
  • Your managers can access employee records, conduct performance reviews and print HR.
  • The Job Management module gives you complete control and visibility of each job/position specification and requirements within the organization.
  • The Job Management module gives you complete control and visibility of each job/position specification and requirements within the organization.

Your employees can:

  • Apply for leave
  • Manage their claims
  • Manage their own personal details like bank accounts and next-of-kin information
  • View current and previous payslips and tax certificates and print selected reports
  • Complete a performance review
  • Start a free-text workflow

Your managers are able to:

  • Approve transactions
  • Manage performance reviews
  • Manage surveys
  • View the leave of all their employees on the team calendar
  • Print reports


We will be there to provide the appropriate support option to meet your requirements.