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Sage X3 People is a POWERFUL, SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE and a MULTINATIONAL HR management software. Sage X3 People will help you easily manage your HR operations like maintaining employee data, managing employee leaves, processing payroll, managing employee expenses and reimbursement, Performance appraisals, and managing training.

Apart from the aforementioned functionalities, just at the click of a button you can view your reports, dashboards and statistics. This ease of access of data helps not only the HR personnel but also the management. Quick decision can be taken based on the data that is readily available on dashboards and reports.

Sage X3 People is Browser agnostic. You can access the software from any corner in the world. All you need is an active internet connection and a web browser. Sage X3 People is entirely role based. The Users who have the authority to access the data, only they can view or retrieve the data.


  • Dashboards- Easy access to data to make quick decisions
  • Visual Processes – Flow chart based interactive user manual to perform system processes
  • Employee Data management- Easy employee record maintenance
  • Leave and Time management - Integrated time and attendance management
  • Payroll Management- Multi currency, multi legislation with inbuilt statutory requirements
  • Loan Management- Loans can be given out to employee and subsequent deductions can be adjusted via payroll
  • Expense Management- Employee reimbursements and expenses can be easily managed
  • Performance appraisal – Employees appraisal and interviews can be initiated, recorded and scored.
  • Training management – Employee Trainings can be conducted, and attendance can be tracked
  • Talent Management- Recruitments can be handled via separate portal
  • Employee Self Service portal – Employee engagement via Employee self-service portal
  • Reports


  • Searching for employee data becomes absolutely easy as all the employee information is stored in a centralized location. Employee documents and scanned copies are stored with the employee record and browsing through them becomes a breeze as easy search options are available.
  • The Leave management is seamlessly integrated with the payroll management so all leaves and absenteeism can be easily translated to payroll. Employees can avail leave on self service portal, and they don’t have to run to HR for leave balances.
  • Payroll has inbuilt local legalization. So statutory calculations related to the Law of the lands regarding employee payroll is incorporated. Processing payroll for employees is now an easy go.
  • Loan can be tracked for employees and closing of loans can be easily tracked.
  • Expenses are effortlessly handled through payroll and employees can request for reimbursement through employee self service portal.
  • The employee self service portal helps for maximum employee engagement. Employees have easy access to their leave balances, past pay slips and leave applications